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Beautifully situated next to the Humber River in a picturesque location that makes you forget you are in the city.


The best summer tennis experience a membership can buy!


Pay your membership, book your courts, join the ladder, enroll in programs and lessons, all through our member's portal.


Social events, club tournaments, competitive ladder, round robins and charity events.

Junior Academy

High performance coaching capable of developing junior players from beginners to top international competitors

Team Play

Join a team and play against other clubs throughout the city. Available for adults and juniors.


August 2018

James Gardens Tennis Club announces its demise

With one email, and without consulting any of the members or having a referendum or AGM, the James Gardens Executive announces that the club will close down at the end of the year.

August 2018

Members react by taking action

Long-time members challenge the process by which the decision was made to no avail. James Gardens Executive fails to provide any documentation related to club finances, annual general meetings or membership lists to help shed light on issues facing the club.

September 2018

Membership confers with the city to see what can be done

The small group of dedicated members pushes forth with the city to understand limitations and determine next steps. City outlines the sole requirement of 120 adult members for the formation of a new club.

September 2018

New executive forms

A new club executive is formed with the mandate of creating a new club at the same location.


October 2018

Edenbridge Tennis Club is founded

The new executive incorporates Edenbridge Tennis Club with the values of Community, Growth and Transparency.

October 2018

Edenbridge website is launched

Edenbridge Tennis Club site is launched to promote the club and secure interest from a minimum of 120 members for the 2019 season.

November 2018

Social media strategy launched

The new club is promoted through various social media channels.

November 2018

Evidence of interest criteria fulfilled

ETC demonstrates that it has 120 members.

November 2018

Edenbridge TC submits 2019 permit application.

All documentation and requirements for a City of Toronto permit for the next season are submitted.

December 2018

Permit approved!

Edenbridge Tennis Club formally receives approval to proceed with the new club. Let the 2019 preparations begin :).

January 2019

Edenbridge TC begins preparatory activities for the 2019 season.

The executive begins preparation and marketing of club activities for the 2019 season.